Randy Blue: Gage & Trent

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardDo you want to see two of the hottest little fuckers you’ve ever seen go at it? I have been dying to get Gage Wilson and Trent Davis together since the day Gage walked into my office. I just knew these two would go together like a magnet and steel. They’ve got similar builds, both with nice hairy bodies, although Gage does win out with a lush carpet of fur on that muscular chest of his. Trent has a beautiful tan going, so it adds a nice contrast to Gage’s natural skin tone, plus you can tell them apart in the close-ups while they’re fucking. Once we got them on set it was like two caged animals waiting to get to each other. And once I let them go, they didn’t stop the entire time. Gage Wilson is pure sex. The guy is the human embodiment of hot sex in a back alley. The way he closes his eyes and opens his mouth, letting that soft sensual moan escape from those soft, full lips is enough to make you shoot your load. And make sure you pay attention to the way he penetrates Trent. He doesn’t just dive in and pound, he takes his good sweet time, letting Trent get every ounce of pleasure from it, then alternately rising in intensity and then backing off, to the point that Trent goes wild. Look at Trent’s face, it’s like he’s never been fucked like this before and he just gives in to the pleasure. And when Trent comes, you’d swear that Gage is coming through him. That is until Gage pulls out and shoots his own load all over Trent’s gorgeous ass.

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