Randy Blue: Forest Winters

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardForest Winters looks at you with these beautiful blue eyes and you can’t help but fall into them. His face is absolutely adorable and when he speaks he can charm the paint off the wall. But all that is just icing on the cake when you get a look at his body. Hours and hours at the gym have given this guy a sculpted look as if he had been a perfect statue come to life. Big muscular arms leading to a hot set of pecs and abs that you could just die for. And his legs give away the fact that he spends as much time doing squats as he does working on his biceps. And the slightest hint of a tan line draws your eyes to the center of his magnificent body to his deliciously thick cock. This is no average dick. It’s long, hard and meaty. The kind of cock that makes a loud slapping sound when it’s hard and you pull it away from the belly and let it snap back into place. The few tattoos that adorn his smooth skin add a little edge to this otherwise clean cut guy. And you can just picture him working out those amazing muscles at the gym, sweat dripping down his handsome face, arms and legs stretching under the strain of the heavy weights. I had him bend over and show what an amazing ass he has, and when he gives you a peek of his hot hole you’ll wish you could just ram your cock deep inside.

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