Randy Blue: Ethan Parker

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardEthan Parker was an unusual find. Usually a guy will start modelling and then eventually tell some friends. In Ethan’s case his friends were all about him getting in touch with me to come in for a shoot. He’s really into gymnastics and has the most amazing body. Tight, with lots of muscles, yet still relatively trim. It’s the perfect mixture of size and shape. I can just picture him spinning around on the rings, flying through the air with his gorgeous biceps flexing, sweat beading on his smooth skin, that look of sexy determination on his adorable face. I think it was this mental image that made me want to see him soaking wet in a nice hot shower. Plus, I know some of you have a fetish for wet guys, so this is especially for you. There’s just something really hot and voyeuristic about watching a sexy guy during the most private of times, soaping his incredible body, arms flexing with the movement, running his hands down his slippery legs, around his tight little waist, sliding over his perfectly formed ass. Finally ending up on his magnificient cock, using the soap as a lube, he brings it to full attention. You can almost feel yourself in there with him, the steam heat so intense you’re not sure if you’re sweating or if it’s just the shower, with it’s hot water rolling down your body, your hand stroking your hard manhood, aching for release. Just you and Ethan, alone in the shower. Who will come first?

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