Randy Blue: Ethan & Hunter

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardHave you ever been sucked off by a guy with a tongue piercing? If you haven’t, watch this video and check out the photoset, and you will see exactly how pleasurable it is. Ethan Parker did his first shoot with me last month. His Prince Albert, the ring in the head of his huge dick, and his tongue piercing were a rarity among Randy Blue models. I was very pleased that he had something new and different to offer my members, on top of his amazing body and physical prowess due to years of gymnastics. Many people don’t know this but getting a blowjob from a guy with a tongue piercing can be incredibly erotic. It’s like they have an unfair advantage on the rest of us. It’s like Ethan has an extra tool for pleasure besides a very talented tongue. I think Hunter must have been talking with Lucas, who’s video with Ethan was very popular, because he kept hinting that he was ready to do his first on screen appearance with another guy and would Ethan happen to be there. I can take a hint and when I get a request I try my best to arrange it because I know there’s bound to be some chemistry there. Hunter did such a great job on his first solo video that I could not wait to pair him up. He’s such a handsome guy with such a great body, and when we did his last shoot it was so easy. The camera loves him and he was a lot of fun to work with. So I put Ethan and Hunter together and really just let them go. They hit it off right from the start, and although Hunter has been with guys before, this is the first time he’s done it on camera. And I think Ethan bringing something new to the table really made it special for him. And if you want to see two really great cum shots, make sure you hold yourself off until the very end. Hunter shoots long ropes of delicious gooey cum all over his own chest and Ethan, not to be outdone, shoots his own huge load all over Hunter’s smooth chest.

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