Randy Blue: Eddie Renzo

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardFrom the moment you lay eyes on Eddie Renzo you know there’s something special about him. Is it the handsome face? The beautiful musculature that covers his mostly smooth body? The exotic looking tattoos that adorn his firm shoulders? Or the substantial handful of cock he’s got swinging between his legs? I would have to say all of the above and then some. Eddie was so much fun to work with because he’s so sure of himself. He got amazing self-confidence without coming off as cocky. He loves to have fun and is down for basically everything. He hardly needed any direction and I could tell he loved showing off his body. I really think he was getting off on knowing people would be watching his video. He told me he loves to go to the beach in speedos so I knew he wasn’t shy. And really, when you have a body that good why hide it? He was such a natural working that hot cock of his, and when I suggested he show off his ass he arched his back so that it raised high up in the air and his hole was open and ready. Then he started working his finger in and did his best to show off what a sexual creature he is. And by the time he shoots a huge thick load he’ll have you so worked up you’ll have to join him.

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