Randy Blue: Eddie & Reese

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardWhat could be more steamy than a hot, sweaty workout with a couple of sexy hunks? How about if those sexy hunks were Eddie Diaz and Reese Rideout. Those of you who are avid Randy Blue Live watchers will remember that Eddie was the first model to break in our gym, with the accent on ‘break’ since the lights kept going out! He was so hot that night despite all the crazy tech problems going on that it made me wonder how wild it would be to see him getting it on right there on the weight bench. Eddie is a total sex pig, and I mean that with the utmost respect. He’s very much in touch with his sexuality, loves sex and makes no bones about it. While I was looking for a nice new lube bottle for him to get hard with, he just laughed, spit in his hand and went to town. He doesn’t just jack off, he loves every inch of his body, running his skilled hands all over his smooth skin. I could get a hard on just listening to him speak. He’s a dirty talker and all the hypersexual comments that come out of that mouth of his perfectly compliment the show he gives you as he works his body. I thought it would make for a really great show to pair him up with someone he really liked, so when I asked him who he wanted to work with he got this devilish grin on his face and said that he had always wanted to do Reese. I put them together in our gym and was so glad we had rubber mats put on the floor because with all the electricity between them I would have worried the carpet was going to catch fire. Reese is looking better than ever and had so much fun with Eddie. Those two gave new meaning to the word ‘workout’. And when they came, it was incredible. Once again, I’m glad we got those rubber mats on the floor.

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