Randy Blue: Eddie & Johnny

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardIn today’s update, Eddie Diaz is a young, hip Hollywood stud. He’s got everything you could want… a nice house, tons of cash, and a naked houseboy/gardener. But getting a look at Johnny Angel’s hot ass shakin’ in the sun has Eddie all hot and he needs to do some diggin’ in the dirt of his own. Johnny has really come into his own. Every time he comes in for a video or an appearance on Randy Blue Live he just gets better and better. I figured it was time to pair him up with Eddie Diaz, a guy who’s raised sex to an art form. Eddie seems to light a fire under every video he’s in making the temperature go through the roof! He’s got the most adorable face, a body that is so beautiful you could cum just by looking at it, and a sexual energy that affects everyone around him. Putting him with newer guys is great because he always brings out their best performance. But with Johnny getting his own groove on these days I wanted to give Eddie a run for his money and see what would happen. Just as I thought, Eddie wasted no time in getting down and dirty, digging his face deep in Johnny’s eager ass, priming him for the anal invasion that was to come. However, he wasn’t about to let the day go by without getting Johnny to pound him as well. But Johnny just had to get topped by Eddie one more time. He loved riding Eddie’s dick so much that after he came, he just kept on riding it. Expect lots of dirty talk, lots of hot action and lots of Eddie’s spunk all over Johnny’s face.

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