Randy Blue: Eddie and Malachi

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardWhen we put in the Randy Blue gym I figured it would be a good place for our guys to get a little workout in before a shoot and maybe do some shows for Randy Blue Live. But deep down I knew how much fun it would be having a gym where the guys are not only okay with you watching them… but they expect it. When I get the cameras rolling in the gym the guys are overcome by their exhibitionist streak and they do all the things they’d love to do in a real gym but probably wouldn’t be allowed. At least not during working hours. Malachi Marx always looks so hot working out… well, okay, the guy looks hot grocery shopping! But I digress… he looks even hotter lifting weights, letting out this breathy grunts as he works his body. His adorable face flush with hunger as he does everything he can to get his body into the best shape possible. Eddie Renzo is one of my newer guys and what a find he was! His muscles are amazing, accentuated by some really wild tattoos. Naturally smooth save for a hot little treasure trail leading to a not so little hunk of meat. I told Malachi when we started shooting that I wanted him to act like he was at a public gym and that Eddie was the object of his desire. The only difference was that he could get away with anything he wanted to do. What followed was an uninhibited display of flirting and follow through you’ll never find at your own gym. It’s the kind of adventure every one of us wishes we could partake in just once. With or without the other guys in the gym watching.

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