Randy Blue: Dustin, Malachi & Xander

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardSex in the gym showers is a fantasy for many, and a reality for those shameless enough to just go for it. The water goes on as the steam heat rises. Dustin Rivers looks over at the soaking wet form of Malachi Marx and likes what he sees. He approaches and Malachi turns toward him as if issuing an open invitation to look… and then some. Their lips lock, tongues explore while hands and fingers roam skin made smooth by the rushing hot water. Dustin lovingly licks up and down Malachi’s hardening cock, savoring the taste and feel of the sweaty manmeat. Malachi begins stroking, getting as hard as he can and teases Dustin’s lips with thrusts and jabs, knowing full well he wants nothing more than to take the entire thing down his talented throat. Then a presence is felt behind him. Suddenly there are two hard, throbbing dicks calling for his attention. He wouldn’t even need to look up to know it was Xander Scott. He’s admired that man’s tool since he first stepped foot on Randy Blue. Going back and fourth, Dustin jerks off one while the other gets his oral attention. And he couldn’t be happier, except if one of those dicks was pounding his hungry hole. No sooner does the thought form than the action happens and he finds himself the meat in a Malachi Xander sandwich. And just when he thinks it couldn’t get better, they take him back to the locker room and bring out a dildo that puts a big smile on his face. Working it between his perfectly round globes, they get his hole ready for even more pounding, the fleshy toy just a tease for what’s to come. And just as he’s starting to get into it they switch gears and replace the toy with the real thing, alternating between the two, ramming one end and feeding the other. The irony is lost on our three horndogs that minutes after a nice long shower they are so drenched with sweat and cum that they’ll need to go back and shower all over again.

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