Randy Blue: Donny Drake

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardWhen I met Donny Drake for the first time I knew you guys were going to eat him up. He’s really handsome and has this great laid back attitude. You’d never guess hearing him talk that he’s a total adrenaline junkie. Anything that gets him moving fast and working that hot body of his really gets him going. You can usually catch him speeding down the highways of his Arizona town with a huge hunk of power between his legs. Yes, I’m talking about a motorcycle, but if your mind went all dirty you wouldn’t be that far off. He does have a nice thick powerful cock that I’m sure he handles with the same precision and skill he does the motorcycle. In talking with him, I got the feeling that being on Randy Blue was like another one of his action stunts. Sort of like breaking a new taboo and changeling himself to do something wild. And we are so much the better for it. He’s got an amazing body and the most awesome furry butt. And being in a time where so many guys shave or trim it’s so refreshing to have a guy who’s as natural as he can be.

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