Randy Blue: Dominic & Micah

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardSometimes I put two guys together because they have some sort of history between them, some attraction I’ve noticed or a chemistry that happens during an event. And sometimes I put some guys together because there is something about them that I feel will compliment each other and make a really hot scene. But every once in a while I just want to see two guys fuck. No reason, no synopsis, no particular idea. Sometimes I pick two guys that I think should just get it on in front of my cameras. And by throwing the magic dart onto the dartboard of models I had laid out before me, Dominic Brown and Micah Brandt were the first two to get hit. And you know, sometimes all the inspiration and planning in the world can’t put together two better models. This video is so hot I had to watch it twice myself because I enjoyed it so much. And I know you guys will too. Micah sucks dick like his life depends on it and with Dominic’s thick tool to work with it’s no wonder he gets so into it. Dominic starts running his tongue all over Micah’s smooth sexy body and then down into his luscious ass crack to the point where Micah is more than ready to get plowed. Dominic is an amazing top and from all the begging Micah does as he gasps ‘fuck me, yeah fuck me’ you know it’s good.

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