Randy Blue: Derrek & Luke

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardEver since Luke Steel magically appeared out of my friend’s pool (okay, maybe not magically but leave me my dreams, dammit!) I have been thinking about him non-stop. I pictured him with another guy, and not just any guy. I couldn’t stop seeing him with Derrek Diamond. Now, Luke had never done a shoot with another guy before. But when we did his first solo shoot, and then his following toy shoot, I could tell that he was ready. Derrek has been sporting a new look these days. Gone is his clean cut boyish innocent look. He’s let his hair grow a bit, wearing it in hot and spiky, with some nice thick sideburns and a facial scruff that brings out a darker more manly look. I loved it, but wasn’t sure if it would translate to the shoot well until the second I turned on the camera and he attacked Luke’s dick like he was a hungry animal. Seeing this new rugged looking Derrek with Luke’s hot hairy gorgeous body made me realize why I wanted to pair these guys up in the first place. They were perfect for each other. And Derrek made Luke’s first time just right, showing him the kinds of pleasures that only a man knows how to give another man. And Luke was obviously enjoying it, with his soft breathy moans. He started off just letting Derrek do his thing, but it wasn’t long before he was grabbing Derrek’s spiky locks and force feeding him the gorgeous cock that swings heartily between his legs. Derrek was loving every minute of it and when Luke covered his face and chest in creamy jizz it was like he flipped the ‘O’ switch, sending Derrek into a full body orgasm that you have to see to believe.

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