Randy Blue: Derrek & Jude

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardI have been waiting for this one for a while. I had taken Jude Collin, Derrek Diamond and Ricky Mendez to San Diego for a personal appearance at a local bar for a wet underwear contest and all the way up there Derrek and Jude were horsing around and having fun. Then when it came time for them to be on stage together I was immediately taken aback at how hot they looked standing side by side. I could almost picture them going at it right there and then and could wait to get them in front of the camera together. When I told them I wanted to shoot them together they both jumped at the chance. You can tell right from the opening shot of the video how much chemistry they have. Even before the cameras came on they were messing around and carrying on. Jude is a natural Top. Right from the get-go he let Derrek know who’s boss and from there things just got hotter. Jude wastes no time with Derrek, tweaking his sensitive nips, directing his head with his hand to kiss and lick just the right places. When Derrek goes down on his hot cock, Jude grabs his head and face fucks him, when it comes time for Jude to do the sucking, he engulfs that dick like he’s starving for cock. And not to discount any of Derrek’s efforts, he’s loving every minute of it. He goes where he’s directed and you can tell he’s really getting off on it. The real twist is when they start to fuck. Derrek isn’t going to passively lay there while Jude goes at it, but rather he rides that cock for all it’s worth. Derrek always does a great job of bottoming and pairing him up with Jude gave them both a chance to shine and something they’re good at. And I always have a habit of giving too much away about the cumshot so I’m gonna shut up now because there isn’t anything I can say about it except this- if you’re a fan of the money shot, you’ll get your money’s worth.

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