Randy Blue: David Monroe

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardDavid Monroe is the shy, quiet type. But you can tell that he’s got a lot of pent up sexual frustration. When I asked him if he wanted to pose for Randy Blue he was really excited. And one look at his beautiful body and you’ll know why I couldn’t wait to have him here. He loves the outdoors, and he’s just not happy if he’s not out there playing sports or hiking or doing something that pushes his body to the limit. His natural build shows you how much he loves physical activity and he’s got that perfect college jock look about him. A little cocky, very chatty once you get to know him, and always ready to show off all the hard work that gave him such an incredible body. I get the feeling he’s an exhibitionist and wonder how often he finds himself hiking or running outside where nobody can see him, muscles straining, slick with sweat and hard as a rock, having to whip it out and give his huge dick some much needed attention. There’s nothing like a good wank after some strenuous exercise. David’s never been with another guy before but he’s open to it. I can just see this sexy straight college muscle jock jerking off in the locker room showers while his teammates change in the next room, only to have them discover him and perhaps join in. Maybe we’ll have to shoot that one next time.

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