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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardI was asking our newest model, Daniel Mathews, why he came to Randy Blue. His story amazed me. He said that he loves rock climbing and anything physical. That made a lot of sense to me considering the fact that he has the kind of body one only gets from a lot of physical activity. And when he’s really exerting himself and the endorphins are flowing, he gets extremely horny. So there he was on an overnight rock climbing expedition with some buddies of his when they all found a flat area to spend the night. Everyone set up their tents to bunk out for the night and with a raging hardon Daniel snuck off to take care of business. It was too nice outside to stay cooped up in a tent, and the area they were at was big enough for him to go behind some rocks and let himself go with all of nature surrounding him. Just as he was really getting into it, he heard footsteps. He spun around, cock firmly in hand, to catch one of his friends staring openly at him. But before he could say anything he noticed that his friend’s hand was rubbing his own crotch. He could have gotten embarrassed, he could have made some excuse, but instead he found himself getting more and more turned on. So he kept on going, just working his cock while his friend looked on and his friend really got into watching him. He came first and encouraged his friend to do the same. Once he got home he figured it would be rare to match that kind of excitement in his daily life, but if he were to be on camera knowing that tons of horny guys would be watching him and getting off to his sexual energy he could keep chasing after this new rush. And that’s how Daniel Matthews came to model for us.

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