Randy Blue: Damian Brighton

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardAs Damian Brighton shot his load I was stuck with the thought that it wasn’t a typical pop shot, in that he didn’t just jerk until he came, it was like a well calculated milking. As if he knew what he was capable of and work himself up to that point, knowing exactly where to stroke, caress, pull and push. Running his hands up and down his long, hard cock you get the feeling that he’s got an intimate relationship with his organ and that he’s played this tune before. One thing that fascinates me about running this site is all the different ways guys cum. Some shoot wildly, taking out everything or everyone in their path. Some guys just pop without warning while others feel it coming a mile away and let you know. Sometimes the cum will erupt like a volcano and other times it runs like a stream. Damian worked long and hard, pun intended, to make this one special. Being his first time on Randy Blue he wanted to give you an performance you’ll never forget. He worked his whole body into it, from his slim yet defined smooth chest pulsating as he thrust his hips in and out. His hand hovering just above the tiny treasure trail that leads down to his well trimmed pubes. His biceps and triceps flex as he doesn’t just jerk his cock but works his cock itself through his tightly clenched fist, both jerking and fucking at the same time. Even when the camera is getting him from the front you can tell his hot ass is clenching with each thrust as he works himself closer and closer. And when he lays back you almost think he’s going to rest a bit, but he keeps those hips thrusting, not letting the orgasm happen, but chasing it until he’s right on top of it. And once he’s there he’s in complete control. He’s going to enjoy every second of it and he wants to make sure you do too. Unloading his thick, gooey spunk all over himself, at first a little then a lot, stretching his orgasm out for as long as he can ride it.

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