Randy Blue: Dallas Evans

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardEver since Dallas Evans made his debut on Randy Blue Live as the Fresh Meat of the week everyone has been asking about him. They jokingly call him the singing cowboy because he mentioned on the show that he loves to sing, and being from Texas, well the cowboy connection was bound to happen. You can tell this guy spends a lot of time engaged in physical activity because his body is just too hot. He loves to swim and it really shows in the way his muscles wrap around his exquisite body. With a little bit of hair on his chest and just a hint of a treasure trail that leads to a nice patch of pubes, he gives off the feeling that he likes to be totally natural. And he obviously loves his body the way he runs his fingers all around the curves of the muscles, with a light touch in some places and a hard grasp and slap in others. He doesn’t just passively jerk his cock, he gets his whole body into it. He shudders with the physical sensations of it all, letting short quick gasps and breathy moans escape his beautiful lips. I can’t wait to see him with another guy because if he can bring this much pleasure to himself then I can only imagine what he’ll do when given the chance to work someone else’s body. And when he comes, his entire body seems to work itself into one huge concentrated peak, shooting all that sexual energy into a huge spurt that flies high up into the air and then slowly drips down his chest while he keeps on pumping shot after shot of hot steamy jizz onto that tight stomach of his.

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