Randy Blue: Dakota, Kevin & Lucas

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardToday’s video is balls to the wall sex. Not setup, no story. Just three hot guys doing what they do best. Dakota Rivers has been a Randy Blue staple since early last year. Sporting a new buzzcut and some facial scruff he looks sexier than ever! When I told him I wanted him to do another threesome he was very excited. Three guys with great bodies having a hot time, what’s not to like? Lucas Knowles is the newest member of the Randy Blue family. With those ocean blue eyes, rippling abs and smooth tight chest, he brings an incredible sexual energy to the mix. No need to ease this one into things slowly. Hot on the hills of his first solo video we threw him in with two hot horny hunks and he totally held his own. He’s not new to the scene so I knew he would do well. Kevin Falk was our wild card. He had done two scenes so far, one solo and one with Derrek but would he be able to handle Dakota and Lucas or would he back off and let them run the show? I shouldn’t have even let the thought enter my mind. He attacked those cocks like his one and only job was to draw the biggest cum shot out of them. And seeing him going back and fourth between them is so damn hot. And he makes an excellent piggy in the middle when Dakota feeds him his cock at the same time Lucas rams his rod right up his hungry hole. But don’t worry, he flips right over and lets each guy a chance at the other end. And I have to say, if you saw Lucas’ last video you know he always makes an excellent cumshot. And this time he’s joined by Dakota who shoots a huge load all over Kevin’s smooth chest.

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