Randy Blue: Dakota & James

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardI love to watch James Hawk do just about anything. He’s been with us for a while and has done a lot of different videos, but he’s only bottomed once before and I thought it was time for him to get some good old fashioned ass action. I’ve seen the way he was with Dakota Rivers in the past, very flirty and friendly. They have amazing chemistry so I knew putting them together was a good idea. I found it interesting that even though James was going to bottom, he still took the dominant role that day, as subtle as it was. Just watch the interview and it’s pretty apparent. When I asked Dakota how he was doing James answered for him. In fact, James did all the talking and Dakota just sat there with an ear to ear grin, thrilled to be there. James even gives Dakota a playful bite on the shoulder, letting him know who’s boss. James makes good work of Dakota’s thick meaty cock, sucking, stroking it and massaging the balls all at the same time. Dakota wasn’t going to let him do all the work, though. He not only dives deep on James’ long, hard tool, he uses his lips to pump that meat sausage so hard that soon James is begging to get fucked. And fucked he gets. Having a hot stud like Dakota Rivers ramming you hard and long is enough to make anyone moan in ecstasy and you can tell that both of them are really into it. I could listen to the way James moans all night long, it’s so sexy. And the two of them kissing before shooting huge sticky loads all over each other’s tight muscular stomachs was the perfect ending.

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