Randy Blue: Cru Jones

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardEveryone knows I like to mix things up on my site. Someone on one of the blogs made a comment recently that you could have a group of totally different looking guys in a lineup and you could still tell they were all Randy Blue models. I don’t look for a type, I look for a quality. I’ve had everything from muscle twinks to furry jocks, tall and short, big bulging muscles to the trim and well defined. So when I met Cru Jones I knew I had someone special on my hands. He’s only in his late 20’s yet has an amazing maturity about him. Sharp, handsome features with a body to die for. And I must say that I would love to run my fingers through that light scattering of manfur. He’s got such a great personality and is so much fun to work with. When I first met Cru he told me how he had taught a class on erotic literature, even though he was more of a fan of the classics. Well, that got my mind to thinking about how hot it would be if one of my college professors had a secret double life as a porn star. And what if they would lock up the classroom at the end of the day and practice for their next video. So I set Cru up in his own little classroom and let him go at it. He does such a great job of working that big thick cock of his. He’s got quite a handful there and he gets it all worked up. He also loves playing with his ass and let his hands drift down a few times. I’d love to see what he would do with some toys. Maybe we can have him teach a class on the proper way to ream your own ass.

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