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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardWhen Colby Keller was on Randy Blue Live a few weeks ago, people kept commenting that with his glasses on he looked like a teacher. That’s really funny because the first time I saw him with glasses on he reminded me of a horny college student. Ever since then it got me thinking about college and how I’m amazed I passed because every time I tried to study with a friend, and believe me, all my friends in college were hot guys, we somehow ended up with our clothes off and someone’s feet in the air. Well, you guys know me… once I get an idea in my head it usually doesn’t go away until you are watching it here on the site. So I called Colby and asked if he wanted to act out my college years on video. Knowing how much of a stud I am, he figured it was going to be something hot and couldn’t wait. I have been wanting to pair Colby up with Tyler Johnson for some time now because they’re both tall, have great bodies, and just look so damn sexy together. I’ve seen Tyler curled up on the couch reading a book when we’ve had down time between shoots and live shows, and being that I met him in a bookstore (not the kind you’re thinking), I just knew he’d play the part of a horny study buddy perfectly. And I will tell you, you guys are in for a treat. These guys were so into each other that we just couldn’t get rid of any of the footage, so this one runs longer than most of our other ones. And they never once lose steam. This video has it all, from a hot make out session and reciprocating blowjobs, to some nice ass eating, and finally Colby working Tyler’s ass with a sleek shiny dildo before ramming his throbbing manmeat deep into it. And don’t worry about Tyler, he gets his turn with Colby’s firm round ass before they both shoot their loads.

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