Randy Blue: Cody & Taylor

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardCody Springs is having a nice relaxing evening with his good friend Taylor Banks watching some hot girl on girl action, as straight guys sometimes do. There’s nothing gay about watching some porn with your buddy, especially if it’s straight porn. In fact, there’s nothing gay about taking off your shirts and rubbing your aching hardons through your tight jeans. And what if those jeans become too constricting? Nothing gay about tossing off the jeans and rubbing your throbbing manhood through your tiny, designer underwear. And what the hell, you can see each other’s massive boners through the underwear anyway, so why not uncage those beasts and give them your full attention. Nothing gay about helping a buddy out, both of you just gettin’ your rocks off together. I guess it’s a good idea that Taylor didn’t mention the well used silver dildo in his bedroom that Randy Blue members got to see back in early October. He really worked that plastic love wand up his hungry hole until he made a nice sticky mess. And Cody wasn’t about to mention that he got his first man-mouthed blowjob from the sexy Rocky Houston just last week. So yeah, a couple of totally straight guys having a little mutual jackoff fun… if they can keep their hands to themselves.

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