Randy Blue: Cody & Rocky

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardCody Fallon and Rocky Houston are two of our newest Randy Blue models and I thought it would be a lot of fun to put two of the new guys together with some toys and see what kind of trouble they could get up to. I came to find that Rocky had never used a toy before, let alone kiss another guy, so pairing him up with a sexual beast like Cody was perfect. Cody could seduce the butchest straight guy, he’s that sexy. And once the two of them got together it was instant chemistry. I knew this was going to be fun but I had no idea how much fun it was going to be. You guys are going to love this video. First of all, there’s something about seeing a guy get his ass played with for the first time that’s so hot. And Rocky is game for anything. He seems to take everything as an adventure, so if he’s never done it before he jumps at the chance and gives it his all. It’s interesting seeing a guy kiss another guy for the first time and once Rocky started making out with Cody it seemed like they couldn’t get enough of each other. And when the toys came out, it really did become an adventure. It was such a different feeling for Rocky and he just let his emotions pour out. Think about the first time you ever had anal sex or used a dildo for the first time. There’s a certain level of pain, but a type of pain that is not entirely unpleasant. Then, once you get used to the sensation you start to enjoy it and just ride that wave of pleasure. Rocky shows this better than anyone I’ve ever seen before. He holds nothing back, giving you a play by play in the looks on his face, the animalistic grunts and fevered giggles. And leave it to Cody to give a first timer one of the hottest experiences of his life. He’s so passionate, letting his tongue explore Rocky’s muscles and mouth, grabbing both of their cocks and giving a one-handed double jerkoff (which results in a look of surprise and pleasure on Rocky’s face that’s just priceless). And when it comes to cumshots, the contrast is amazing. Where one shoots a huge fountain of jizz up into the air, splashing on his lightly furry chest, the other lets out a soft, slow dribble that impressively keeps going and going. You’ll have to watch until the end to see which is which.

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