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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardAfter Alexander Marachi’s stunning debut on Randy Blue I received tons of comments and emails through the Blue Is Beautiful blog as well as from friends who are fans of the site, and the biggest question is exactly the one I was anticipating… everyone wanted to know who Alexander was talking to when he was doing his steamy phone sex. It was a buddy of his named Cody Jones. Cody works with Alexander waiting tables and they’ve been friends for a while. When I arranged to do the shoot Alexander mentioned that Cody might be interested in modeling as well. I don’t think it’s fair for a new model to have to share the spotlight in his debut video, and when they told me they had done phone sex with each other I thought it would be fun to have Alexander call up his buddy during his video. Ah, dear viewers, but I know you too well. I knew the minute you saw him pick up that phone you’d want to be privy to the stud on the other side. So I put the RB crew into overdrive and shot both guys at the same time. Cody was a lot of fun to work with. He’s got such a sweet and innocent look about him. Well, until he’s naked and spitting on his cock while furiously masturbating, then you realize what a bad boy he can be. I love the way his cheeks flush while he’s pounding his meat. And the thing I loved most about having them use the phone was how vocal they were with each other. And Cody doesn’t just stroke his dick until he cums, he plays it like a finely tuned instrument. Rolling up and down the shaft, alternating between fast and slow, lightly rubbing the head and then really working it until he’s crazed with lust and yelling, ‘Oh my God’ over and over. This video is such a treat because not only does Cody put in an award winning performance, but even if you aren’t watching the monitor the soundtrack alone will get you off. And speaking of getting off, you’re going to love this cum shot. I don’t now where he stores it all but he shoots such a load all over his sexy little bod. I’m glad he put the phone down or he might have caused a short circuit!

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