Randy Blue: Cody Fallon

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardCody Fallon just exudes sex. There is no way to put it. He puts off this aura that just standing next to him gives you a huge hardon. Maybe it’s his gorgeous eyes, handsome face or nice, full lips that would be perfect for kissing and… well, maybe next time. Then you get down to a set of pecs you just want to run your hands over, and a butt you want to bury your face into. Cody is really into outdoor sports and you can tell how active he is by his lean, trim body. The thing that sets him apart from a lot of the guys I usually shoot is that he’s got a tough guy, streetwise attitude that makes him all the more sexy. You can picture him walking on a beach with a surfboard, playing basketball, or hanging out downtown at a swinging bar with guys just falling all over him. And once he strips down and you get a look at his huge cock, it’s almost too much to hope for. He was so great during the shoot, running his hands over his sexy body, pausing his hands to gently tweak his nips or feel the self-satisfaction of his fingers closing around his massive member. He gives you a great show of his ass, sticking his fingers in and around his puckering hole, needing to be filled and played with. Then going into the home stretch as he jacks his dick with all his might, pumping his tool with so much heat you’re likely to need a shower when you’re done watching him. Finally, he gushes a nice long beautiful stream of cum all over the floor. I know you’re going to love Cody’s first shoot and will be begging for more.

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