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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardPeople couldn’t get enough of last week’s video with Cody Fallon and Trent Davis. Well, Cody did such a great job I wanted to catch his spirit while it was still peaking (although I can’t imagine it ever not peaking, that guy is such a sexual powerhouse). So I called up Kevin Falk and told him to get his ass over here. When he heard Cody was going to be here he jumped at the chance. He seemed to really take to Cody, and really, who wouldn’t. I sometime imagine that Cody is walking down the street and stops to get a blowjob from a mailman, and a little further he sees an open door and just jumps in, fucks a horny househusband and maybe a few random hot guys in the bushes before he gets to where he’s going. Sort of like a sexual superhero. He just radiates this aura of sex wherever he goes. You should see the way he turns heads when we take him out for a pubic appearance. And when he’s dancing on stage, all eyes are on him. Kevin is fairly new to the Randy Blue family and he’s quickly becoming quite popular. He takes each new experience, tries it out, and enjoys it to the fullest. Cody gave him a blow job like I’m sure he’s never felt before. Cody has a mouth that was made for sucking cock and you can tell he loves every minute of it. And Kevin seemed to really get into it. And once all was said and done, Cody let loose with an stream of come that shot all over that sexy chest of his. Seconds later, Kevin decided to meet Cody’s cumshot and raise him a few because the amount of smooth, creamy jizz that guy spewed out had to have broken some sort of record! If you like cumshots, you’re in for a treat!

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