Randy Blue: Cody & Dustin

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardCody Jones is one of our newest guys that I can’t wait to see more of. His hot phone sex solo with Alexander, and if you don’t understand that you need to go back and watch both of their solos, was so hot I now have tons of messages from people begging to see more of him. And while I really want to have the two of them do a hardcore scene together, I want to see both of them gain a little more experience on the site so that when the time does come it will totally blow you out of the water. So now the fun begins. Cody’s first onscreen blowjob by another Randy Blue model. But who should it be? It didn’t’ take me long to decide that Dustin Rivers would be the perfect guy. He’s so cute, with such an amazing body. I mean, I don’t care if you’re gay or straight, who could resist a blowjob from such a hottie. And he’s been such a good sport about all the crazy things I throw at him from RBL to our public appearances, I thought he should have some fun. And getting to be the first to go down on Cody seemed like a nice thank you for a job well done. They both got really into it, with all the dirty talk. Dustin goes down on Cody’s huge cock as if draining it of all it’s cum is his only purpose. He doesn’t just suck, he doesn’t just deep throat, he works every inch of it, running his tongue and lips all the way down the shaft, paying special attention to his sensitive balls, then working his way back up to the head where he puts all his focus, making Cody squirm in pleasure. And when Cody’s eyes close and his face gets flush with that rosy glow you can tell he’s totally lost in the feelings he’s getting. But you don’t need to see his face for that, he’s more than happy to tell you how he’s feeling every step of the way. And when he grabs his enormous dick and starts to spurt, it’s like a fireman wrestling with a huge hose.

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