Randy Blue: Clint Johnson

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardClint Johnson. Where do I start? This guy has such a hot, beefy, muscular body yet such a sweet boyish face that the contrast between the two drives me wild. He’s a little bashful and always has the nicest smile. For someone who was so excited to get naked for the camera he was fairly reserved outside of the shoot. But once you got him into a conversation he held his own. He favors tight t-shirts to show off his nice chest and muscular torso and the fact that his biceps bulge out of the sleeves didn’t hurt either. And if you are one of those people who can’t decide if you like ’em hairy or smooth, Clint has the perfect amount of fur. Just a light dusting of black hair on his pecks and abs leading down to a nice thick bush. He told me he loved jerking off in the bath, so in the interest of making him feel right at home I put him in a hot, steamy hot tub and let him go at it. I think that helped put him at ease because when he started fingering his ass he got totally lost in the moment and forgot I was there, which is exactly how I like it. The glass wall next to him was so shiny you can see his reflection for some of the video and the effect is really cool. I almost didn’t want him to cum because I was so getting into watching him jerk that I didn’t want it to end. Then, the closer he got to shooting his load the more intense his expression got and then I noticed how he wasn’t just stroking his cock, he was working the very tip and squeezing in just the right places as if he was milking every drop out of his aching member. It was really something to see.

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