Randy Blue: Clark Conner

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardI got a message from an adorable guy named Clark Conner about wanting to model for Randy Blue. I took a look at his photos and immediately knew I wanted him for the site. He had this quality that I couldn’t quite explain. He was very handsome yet had a sort of rugged quality, especially with that gorgeous chest hair of his. When he came in to meet me he was very calm and introspective. He told me all about doing yoga and how he finds it helps him focus when it comes to his sexual interactions. He can actually cum on command, a talent I think many of us would love to have. As we were talking I couldn’t shake the fact that I feel I had seen him somewhere before. I confessed this fact to him and he smiled and said that he had actually done some professional non-adult modeling work. I knew I had seen that face somewhere before. So I was really glad to have the chance to shoot him for the site. This is a different kind of shoot because sometimes you have a guy who is very vocal with moaning and dirty talk, sometimes they’ll play to the camera and really draw you into their world, but you can tell that Clark has a lot going on in his mind as he’s jacking off. It’s like you can see him working his body’s energy, directing every bit of it into his cock. He knows what feels good and he is enjoying himself to the fullest. And it’s almost like you can jerk along with him and feel that energy. You have to let go of expectations and just go with it. And it becomes something quiet and relaxing, yet very erotic. And you can watch the pressure build and build until it’s ready to be released, and when it does it’s something to see.

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