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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardI have been looking forward to having Christopher Ashlee on the site since his exciting debut last month. He is such a handsome guy with a smile that just makes you melt. I love his well chiseled body and the fact that he knows how to show it off. I remember how sexy he looked in his last video, the way he runs his hands over each body part, like he’s taking you on a first hand guided tour of the most intimate parts of his body. So this time I wanted to see what he could do with a toy. I gave him a really cool glass dildo, not too big, just right for a first time. He totally loved it and couldn’t wait to try it out. He had a lot of fun on the last shoot so this time around he knew a little better what to expect. And once the cameras started rolling he just went with it, allowing himself to just feel good and sexy, thinking about all the hot, horny guys who would be looking at him. He gently runs that toy all over his body, feeling the smoothness of it against his skin, the coolness of the glass warm and it started to heat up with the touch of his body. Then, rubbing it against his puckering hole, teasing himself just a bit, getting ready for the invasion. Then sliding it in, shallow at first just to get the feel of it, then thrusting deeper and deeper once the sensations started to overtake him. You can see the look on his face how much he’s enjoying himself. It almost makes you want to grab your favorite toy and join him. In fact, why don’t you?

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