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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardI just can’t get enough of Christian Sharp. I think it’s because when you first see his adorable face you imagine he’s going to have one of those smooth shiny porn star bodies but when he strips down you get a good look at all that gorgeous hair. I love contrasts. It’s like putting a taller and shorter model together, or a muscular hunk with a lean hottie. In Christian I see a guy with a handsomely boyish face and a manly furry body and it just drives me wild. After his very successful first solo video and appearance on Randy Blue Live I couldn’t wait to have him step things up a notch by doing a toy video. He had never done anything like this but he was totally game. Wait until you see this incredible video. Christian gets totally lost in ecstasy as the hard plastic vibrator begins hitting all of his pleasure centers. He works his perfect cock, eagerly sliding his hand up and down the shaft, slick and shiny with lube. He gently edges the dildo in farther and farther until he’s caught up in the sexual frenzy of it all and begins slipping in and out with ease. His face flushes as his hands furiously ram his ass and jack his cock, reaching down to fondle, tug and pull on his balls to get the full effect. You can tell he’s never felt anything like this as his breathing and moans get louder and louder. He’s lost in the new sensations his body is now sending to his brain and I can’t help but think he’s going to run out and get some toys of his own. Finally his breath quickens and his body tenses until he can’t hold back any longer and he shoots a load that goes all the way up to his shoulder leaving long, sticky trails of cum all over that furry chest of his.

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