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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardChristian Lorok is back for his second video on Randy Blue. I got a lot of compliments on his first video and thought it would be nice to take things up a notch. He had never used toys before but when I asked him he was very open to the idea. He’s really into sports and loves working out at the gym, which is how he got that sexy body of his. It’s the body of someone who’s very active and on the go, rather than someone who never leaves the gym. And with his cute, boy-next-door face, it works for him. This time he showed up a little on the scruffy side, a nice change from the clean-cut image he had before. I liked it a lot and told him not to shave. I like the contrast from video to video when the guys can look different. He makes the transition nicely. The day of the shoot we asked if he had been practicing, and he said no, so in this video you will see a true first timer. The look of concentration on Christian’s face as he invades his hole for the very first time is something to see. It’s like he’s putting every ounce of effort into working that tiny plug into his virgin orifice and allowing himself to feel every bit of sensation, almost trying to make up his mind if he likes what he’s feeling or not. He then moves up to a larger sized dildo and you can see him start to work it so that it hits all the right spots. He finishes off by spraying himself with his manjuices all over his chest.

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