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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardSome guys just need to be photographed. One look at Christian Lorok and you can practically see the big block letters hovering above his head as if he were the living embodiment of a magazine cover. Hailing from the midwest, Christian has the classic boy next door good looks but with an updated style. With is hair strategically flopped over one eye and a pair of the most kissable lips you’ll find anywhere, he gives a half smile and he’s got you right where he wants you. When he came by my office for the first time I noticed that he’s got a reserved personality and can be really quiet, but once you get to know him he really opens up. There’s a certain sexiness about him that goes beyond his good looks. And that body! He wears clothes well but when he begins to strip you can’t take your eyes off of him. His arms and legs are lightly hairy with just a sprinkling of hair on his chest. He’s got a nice, thin frame that shows off his active lifestyle. He told me all about how he loved sports and played baseball a lot growing up. He’s still very active hitting the gym and running every chance he gets and all that hard work has paid off in a body that’s so hot to look at. He also told me that he’s been wanting to do this for a while and the idea of getting naked for the camera really turned him on. He’s got a major exhibitionist streak and wanking his crank online was very appealing to him. He really got into it too. After the initial nervousness of being in front of the camera he relaxed a bit and started to just have a lot of fun. He gets so lost in pleasuring himself that after a while he didn’t even notice we were there. And when he cums it’s like an erupting volcano, squirting huge spurts of jizz all over the place.

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