Randy Blue: Christian, Ethan & Ryan

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardThe other day I got this idea in my head to make a video that would make my members go totally nuts. Ryan Rockford has been making waves every since he started working with us. His solo was really hot but I knew he would really shine when he was paired up with one or more other hot, horny guys. He’s been working out six times a week and his body is amazing. We kept making him flex during his latest visit to Randy Blue live and just couldn’t get enough of those well developed muscles. Then I brought in Christian Sharp. Not only is he absolutely adorable, he’s really become a great performer. He knows how to use his body to not only give the guys he’s with a hell of a ride, but to make sure you guys at home get the best show possible. In other words, he plays to both his partners and the camera, and totally gets himself off in the process. And as if this video couldn’t get hotter, I thought I’d throw Ethan Parker into the mix. With his background in gymnastics, incredible sexual energy and lean, muscular body, he brings a unique spark to the action. And action is right. From Christian getting to give his first blowjob to Ryan bottoming for each of them while sucking the other off. In fact, just seeing Ryan going down on Christian and then eating out his ass while Christian sucks him off is almost enough to lose your load. But there’s so much going on here you’ll either want to shoot and come back for more, or pace yourself for a mind blowing orgasm when Ethan gets to play cumdump for the other two. Ryan goes for an over the shoulder shot letting it roll down Ethan’s back before Christian adds his load, finally letting Ethan finish himself off.

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