Randy Blue: Chris & Riley

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardRiley Price is out of control. He can’t get enough cock and he’s going through Randy Blue models like breath mints. But you know, anyone with such a ravenous sexual appetite who is so hot to watch is okay by me. Riley came to the office the other day and I just looked at him and asked who would be next. Without missing a beat he smiled that charming smile of his and said ‘Rockway’. Not long after that Chris Rockway was lubed and ready to go. I’d like to say that Riley was all over him like a mouth to a dick but the truth is these two were so hot for each other that I just turned on the camera and let them go. As excited as Riley was to get started, Chris definitely took the lead, moving Riley’s body around just the way he wanted it. Riley’s cocksucking skills were put to the test and I dare say that he met the Rockway seal of approval. I just stared in amazement as the whole thing unfolded before me. Did Chris really just bite his ass? Riley let him know he likes it a little rough so the next thing I know Chris is holding both of Riley’s wrists while he gives him an ass pounding he won’t ever forget.

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