Randy Blue: Chris & Nicco

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardNicco Sky did such a great job on his solo debut and his first Randy Blue Live, that I couldn’t wait to shoot him again. I gave him a call and asked who he wanted to work with. He confided that he couldn’t wait to work with Chris Rockway and before he even finished talking I had Chris on a three way call and set everything up. Then we got to talking about interesting sexual experiences. I told them about a friend of mine who found out his roommate had been listening at the door when he was having sex and one time even watched through a crack in the door. Nicco said that if it happened to him he would go out of his way to make sure the voyeur was getting a good show. So I told him to keep that in mind as we were shooting. I set up the scene from the point of view of someone peeking in on two lovers to give it a voyeuristic feel for both Nicco and you guys watching. And when Nicco went down on Chris for the first time he nearly blew his mind with the most amazing blow job, and the reaction on Chris’ face is priceless. I sometimes like to match up the newer guys with someone who’s been around for a while, like Chris, to really show them the ropes but Nicco took to it like a fish to water. And instead of having to guide Nicco along with his first duo, Chris got to just go wild and have fun. And not only did Nicco do an amazing job, his cum shot nearly splashed Chris in the face, and he was sitting up! Definitely something to watch for.

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