Randy Blue: Chris, James & Tyler

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardThe last time I had Chris Rockway and James Hawk together they did an excellent mutual suck off scene which was so hot I could hardly stand it. Well, both of them have come so far since then that I felt it was time to put them in a hardcore scene. The thing is, I just couldn’t decide who was going to top. They both make such excellent tops that I didn’t want to sacrifice one for the other. Well, there was really only one solution. Bring in a third who’s really good at bottoming. With two established Randy Blue favorites I wanted to throw one of my newer guys in there. Tyler Johnson was the perfect choice. He was such a great bottom when I paired him up with Sebastian and the video he did with Shawn Harriri was amazing. The day of the shoot all three of the guys were in a great mood and really fired up to begin. I knew it was going to be hot but they shot it right out of the ball park. As the newbie, Tyler just let the other two in the driver’s seat and let them have their way with him. The smile on his face shows how much fun he’s having. James always does such a great job, and does not disappoint now, feeling every inch of Tyler’s smooth muscular body, playfully slapping his ass, taking his massive meaty cock into his hot and hungry mouth. The three of them keep the action going with someone always doing something, fucking, licking, tasting, sucking, feeling, groping. There’s not even a moment to catch your breath. As if the entire video isn’t hot enough, you’ll want to make sure you stick around for the end (and do your best to hold your load, although you may need repeated viewings to accomplish this). Chris, who has been all over Tyler like a ravenous tiger devouring it’s prey, mounts the young stud in a position I’ve never seen before. It has to be seen to be believed, and even though they are attempting quite an acrobatic feat, Chris fucks Tyler with a fury and passion unlike anything you’re likely to see anywhere else. And Tyler’s reward for being such a good bottom, he gets to cum first (with his usual impressive gusher) followed by a cum bath as James and Chris shower their loads down on him, just missing a simultaneous cumshot but mere seconds.

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