Randy Blue: Chris Bines

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardYou all know how much I love contrasts. My favorite thing is to mix two guys together with different builds or skin tones, one hairy while the other isn’t, and things like that. So when I met Chris Bines I was thrilled. He’s got this adorable boyish face but with his neatly trimmed beard he is all man. Again, it’s that contrast that gets me every time. And with his love of the sun he’s got a great tan over his chest and arms and down at the bottom of his legs which is a huge contrast to his natural light skin tone as seen in the tan line around his beautiful ass and delicious cock and balls. I’m not a big fan of tan lines but on Chris it works because it highlights his beautiful butt. He loves football and it shows in the sort of tight leg muscles one only gets from lots of running. And his strong arms that are used to catching a big tough ball are also great at fondling the small sensitive ones that dangle under his long, hard cock. He jerks his pleasure stick with the precision and skill he’s learned from the various sports he loves and it shows when his skillful fingers and strong arms cause his dick to spurt a huge cumload all over the floor.

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