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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardInspiration comes from all over. And lately I’ve been having fun taking stories that my friends tell me and turning them into videos with my models. So my friend was telling me about how he was late for class once because he and his boyfriend had a quickie, and after making a scene by running into class fifteen minutes late the guy sitting next to him leaned over and whispered, ‘you smell like cum’. Everyone laughs at that, but I always find myself thinking about the prequel to the story, the hot sex that went on in the dorm room before the embarrassing classroom entrance. It’s been a while since we’ve had Topher DiMaggio around. After his stunning debut and smokin’ hot shower scene with Reese, he took a bit of a break. But he’s back and looking better than ever with his short spiky hair and deep brown eyes. His body looks amazing, and those arms are really showing some nice definition. Chaz Coleman returns sporting a sexy short haircut that really brings out his handsome facial features. His lean frame looks great with a gorgeous set of abs anyone would die for. The two of them look really nice together, with Topher’s darker complexion offering a nice contrast to Chaz and his creamy smooth skin. Chaz hasn’t been blown on Randy Blue yet and for his first time he had a real pro to work with. Topher doesn’t just suck dick, he makes an art out if it. He uses his mouth, tongue, hand and body to draw your sexual energy to the very tip of your cock, keep you writhing on the very brink of pleasure and then drains the cum from your balls with an orgasm you’ll never forget. And for all my friends out there who love cum, you’ll get buckets of it. Topher gets Chaz to shoot a huge load all over his tight belly before drenching him with a spray of his own hot steamy jizz.

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