Randy Blue: Chad Parker

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardAs the waves crash upon the warm sands of the beach a figure emerges from the ocean. He shakes the water out of his short, dirty blond hair. Tall and trim, his light skin shows just a hint of a sun kissed tan. For someone with his build, the sharp definition of his washboard abs creates a stunning effect. He’s got a gorgeous body that makes you want to explore every inch. From his smooth chest to the sun bleached blond hair on his arms to the nice lush dark hair on his beautiful legs, he’s a total package. You ask his name and with the sweetest smile he tells you that it’s Chad Parker. When he talks he straddles the line between a fresh faced college student and a rowdy frat guy. While he’s extremely polite something tells you that he could reach around and give you a wedgie at any moment, and that sense of uncertainty makes him even hotter. But one thing that isn’t uncertain is the huge hunk of meat hanging between his legs. He’s wearing a short, tight little bathing suit that leaves little to the imagination. You know he’s well endowed by the size of his bulge and you know he’s proud of it in the way he has it out on display. And when you finally get to watch him pull it out and work it you know you’re in for a great show.

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