Randy Blue: Cayden Ross

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardWhen Cayden Ross came to the Randy Blue gym to do his live show people couldn’t get enough of him. And I knew this would happen because I’ve seen the way guys look at him at the gym. I was admiring his amazing tattoos while working out one day… okay, I was admiring the way the tattoos moved around on his huge fucking muscles while he worked out… when I wasn’t staring at his ass, and I could see that I wasn’t alone. He must have noticed my staring because he walked over to me and with a huge friendly grin he said, ‘you wanna closer look… how about you spot me’. I’d by lying if I said the jealous looks I got as I lowered the barbell over his massive chest didn’t give me a little thrill, but I was more interested in finding out all about Cayden. Turns out that he has a lot of varied interests and doesn’t spend all his time in the gym as one would think. He loves riding his Harley, mountain biking, traveling to exotic places and cooking. While I was spotting him I asked if he would want to be on my site and he didn’t even have to think about it. I put him in our gym because I knew you guys would bust a nut watching him flex those huge muscles of his. Plus, you’re going to love the cock on this guy. It’s big and thick, not as long as Leo’s but probably bigger around. He’s so intense in his jerking off that you can’t help yourself but join in. And when he blows a huge load all over those washboard abs you just know you’re gonna want to play the whole thing over again.

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