Randy Blue: Carter & Cody

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardThe day I shot Carter Scott’s first video I couldn’t wait to see him in action with another Randy Blue model. He’s got such a hot body and that little bit of scruff he’s got going on really gives him an edge. He’s got a nice smooth chest but the rest of him is moderately hairy, something for everyone to like. He looked so hot stroking his cock in his last two videos that I really wanted to see someone else take care of it for him. Then we have Cody Springs, who is just too adorable. Totally smooth except for his trimmed patch of dark pubes. He’s got such a squeaky clean look about him and made a nice contrast when put up with the Carter’s wild look and attitude. I got a real kick out of the introduction the guys did because Cody seems so chipper and gung ho while Carter looks very laid back and ready for whatever is about to happen. He seemed to really enjoy his first on-camera blow job, even going so far as to grab Cody’s hair and guide him exactly where he wanted him to go, while Cody gleefully worked that mouthful of cock Carter was feeding him. They worked really well together and with two different yet sexy builds they really looked amazing together. Cody gave it his all to get Carter off and boy did he ever, shooting huge ropes of sticky jizz high up in the air. I’m glad he didn’t put Cody’s eye out. And once Cody was sure Carter was well taken care of he went to town on his own aching hard on causing it to spew a hearty load all over his muscular chest.

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