Randy Blue: Cameron & Xander

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardRandy Blue Live has really become a huge hit with our members. When I’m out and about people always ask me what goes on behind the scenes. Are there models messing around in the background while a guy is doing a solo show? Is the camera guy naked? Do I join in with the fun? Well, I can tell you that none of those things happen. However, that’s not to say that other things don’t happen in the studio when other’s aren’t around. There’s been a few occasions where we’ve left a model to clean up only to come back into the studio afterwards to find rumpled sheets and other… messes. Cameron Michaels has been hanging around the studio a lot lately and we’ve had a lot of fun shooting his videos and taking photos of him. He’s so adorable and has such a hot body, the camera just loves him and I know you guys do too. So one night Xander Scott dropped by while Cameron was doing a live show, trying to play it off like he was just popping in to say hi. He finally confessed to me that he wanted to watch Cameron in action. I know that look a guy gets when he sees someone he’s really hot for. So rather than make them try and hide what they were going to do anyway, I simply suggested that I flip on the cameras film it all. I’m glad I did. Not only do you get a little glimpse of our live show crew, which as you can tell are fully clothed, but you also get to be the voyeur and see Xander fuck Cameron’s hot little ass. These guys are so hot together, and the sound of their combined moans of pleasure are almost musical. The sex is so hot from the beginning kisses to the dick sucking and butt ramming, all the way through the flood of cum that Xander unleashes all over Cameron’s back, shortly before he gives up, for the second time that night, a frothy load of his own jizz.

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