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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardHave you ever been just walking down the street and all of a sudden a guy with the most amazing body walks past, and without thinking the words just pop out of your mouth? It could be ‘hot body’ or ‘nice chest’ or ‘my God, what I wouldn’t give for a night of cheap tawdry sex with you in a cheap motel’. Okay, maybe not the last one (but I’ve thought it). Well, I’m lucky I’ve never been punched or arrested for my little slip of the tongue but I was walking down Hollywood Blvd. one day and the most gorgeous man turned a corner just as I was about to turn the same corner and literally bumped right into me. He apologized and I heard the words come right out of my mouth, ‘hon, you can bump into me anytime’. Realizing I was outside on a sidewalk and not in a gay nightclub in West Hollywood I apologized but he just got this beautiful smile and told me he appreciated the compliment. I asked if he had ever modeled before and when he said no I asked if he would like to. I gave him my card and had him come in. I had a great time shooting him. His amazing body is only second to the enormous cock dangling invitingly between his legs. He works it like it’s a piece of heavy machinery and he’s had to clock in several hours of practice in order to get a license. He has such an amazing body that looked even better naked. And what intensity. You can tell when he gets that cock in his hands he means business. And when he shoots, he sends a spurt of gooey goodness straight up into the air, splattering as high up as his shoulder and dripping down his rock hard pecs and abs.

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