Randy Blue: Brodie Jackson 2

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardThe first time I met Brodie Jackson he was a little nervous, quiet and reserved. By the time we had finished his first shoot he was a lot more relaxed and by the time he came back for his second shoot he knew what to expect. I thought about what I could do to showcase his awesome body and I remembered that he said he was into martial arts. That one little fact gave me a huge idea. Why not showing our sexy jock doing something athletic? Let him use his martial arts skills and shoot him working out and doing some of his moves. I especially liked the idea because it would give me an excuse to put him in a jock strap. Brodie has such a cute little ass that I so wanted to put it in display. We had a lot of fun with him during his live show and that playfulness shows in this video. His hair has grown out a bit and he’s grown a soul patch, so he’s got a totally new look. We had a nice discussion about his many tattoos and I was surprised to find that he designed the star on his elbow himself. Quite a talented guy. And his talents don’t end there. He has quite the talent for working that nice sized boner of his too. It’s so hot watching him jerk off because he really knows how to work it good. And the look of concentration on his face while his cheeks flush is really something to see. He even flipped over to give me a nice shot of his moderately furry ass. And when he came he had a look of such intensity I was afraid he was going to shoot his eye out. Luckily, he’s a splatterer and not a long range shooter, so his face was safe. But he did end up with a lovely coat of jizz all over his gorgeous chest.

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