Randy Blue: Brock Traynor

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardAs the body spends hours and hours at the gym lifting weights and following a strict regiment of exercise it gets bigger, stronger and more defined. Muscles grow as the body takes on the appearance of a greek sculpture. Brock Traynor is no stranger to the gym. He’s spent a long time honing his body into a strong, muscular work of art. He started out as a street fighter, using his body as a well oiled machine. But he soon found out that it was the working out and the building of muscle that was his biggest interest and he got more into bodybuilding. But don’t let all of Brock’s muscle scare you away. Beneath his rough exterior he’s got a softer side and describes himself as kind hearted. And even with all his time working out, he still remains really active outside the gym getting into activities such as hunting and fishing. And you can tell he really likes working his cock. His huge bicep flexes beautifully as he works his arm up and down his thick rod. And the sounds that he makes while getting closer and closer to cumming remind one of the guttural grunts that you hear when the big guns are at the gym pushing themselves harder and harder.

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