Randy Blue: Brock and Matt

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Randy Blue’s comment on Brock and Matt:
God, I had forgotten just how sexy Brock is. I am embarrassed to admit that my photography skills do not do him justice. He is far better looking then any photo of mine could show. But, still, he does look great in them!
Brock had contacted me lately about wanting to do some work and he needed money quickly. It seems Brock had gone out partying with a girl, went trailblazing in the middle of the night and got himself stuck doing some damage to his truck.
I need some money real quick to get it fixed He said.
Brock had always let me know that he was not ever going to appear with another dude on my site.
Not no but HELL NO! was pretty much what he said. So sensing some desperation in the air I decided it was my time to strike. Brock looked up at me after I asked and he laughed and said Yeh I knew you were going to ask that..OK.
That was all I needed. I called up Matt who is becoming quite a good cocksucker and asked him if he would be interested. The guys got together the next day and I have to say Brock, money or not, did one hell of a hot job. Matt really got into it and they guys were really helping each other out. Think what you want, but I like to think Brock wrecked his truck on purpose. This photo set was really fun but the upcoming video (next week) is hot as hell! Stay tuned!

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