Randy Blue: Brent & Jeremy

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardI’ve always maintained that sexuality is a fluid thing and that very few people are 100 percent straight or 100 percent gay. Jeremy Walker is a very hot, very straight guy. But as he’s been getting more and more comfortable with modeling and becoming friends with the other guys, he’s becoming more adventurous. Recently he was at LA Pride with Brent Diggs and the two fo them got really chummy. Seeing them together I was reminded of how shy and quiet Brent used to be and how he slowly got more comfortable with the fluidity of his own sexuality. I knew that not only were they going to make one fucking hot video together, but I also wanted to put them in the scenario of what happens when you have two straight guys home alone, maybe with a cocktail or two, relaxed and horny. I just gave them the idea and let them roll with it. Knowing the two of them had an incredible chemistry together you can cut the sexual tension with a knife. Two horny straight guys, both wanting to try but not knowing how to bring it up. The nervous chatter, the awkward silences, Brent casting his line seeing if Jeremy will take a bite, Jeremy responding but not wanting to seem too eager. Even shooting I found myself wanting to scream, ‘Just go ahead and fuck already!’ But I knew it would be all the more delicious if I let it play out. So when they take that first kiss it’s like a reward for having to go through what they do to get there. And what a reward it is, Jeremy’s body is amazing, like a greek statue come to life. And once Brent gets a look at that thick meaty cock you can tell he can’t focus on anything else. Brent is looking good, having let more of his sexy body hair grow in. Seeing those sea blue eyes focused on Jeremy’s beefstick is an image you won’t soon forget. You can just tell he can’t wait to wrap his lips around it. And when he does, and you see the look of absolute pleasure on Jeremy’s face, you can feel it like he’s right there blowing you.

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