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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardBrent was a true find. He is everything you thing you think of when you think All American! I actually found Brent one day at of all places the movie theater. I saw him before the movie started waiting in line and at once I was mesmerized. He had on some board shorts and wife beater and looked almost too perfect. I think it was his tan and blonde hair that made me first take notice. During the show I made sure I could see where he sat so I could find him when the movie let out and make a pitch. The movie was dreadful but that was ok because I could spend my time in the darkness of the theater watching Brent. When we headed out to the parking lot I saw him and his friends heading to his car. When he got there I watched in stunned silence as he took his under shirt off and reveled that gorgeous body of his. When I finally got up the nerve I motioned for him to come over and went thru my whole introduction. Before I could even finish He was on board! Brent was great to work with. His body is amazing and he is truly a special and incredibly sweet guy. We took quite a bit of time doing his photos and video but I think it was well worth it because the results are fan fucking tastic! You get to see every inch of his body, that thick cock, and that nice beefy ass! Enjoy this video of Brent and his photos. This is first time to do anything like this but I sure hope its not his last!

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