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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardInspiration comes from the strangest places sometime. I had just finished up a really intense workout at my gym when I needed to sit in the steam room and relax a bit. I know what you’re thinking but I was actually there to just relax and soothe my aching muscles. That’s when I saw them. Two guys were doing the ritual right there in front of me, oblivious to my presence. And when I say ‘ritual’, you know damn well what I mean. That mating dance where you look at him from across the room with eyes that say, ‘maybe’, or ‘I’m interested’, or ‘slam me down on this counter motherfucker before the waitress gets back’. So these guys were flirting with each other and after a while things got really hot… and I had a front row seat. I would have felt bad staring but it was obvious they wanted an audience. It turned out to be a pretty tame show compared to what I’m used to and I came back to the Randy Blue studios with a mission. To recreate the scene I had just witnessed the way I would like to have seen it. With huge throbbing cocks, steam and sweat, and guys who aren’t too nervous to let you know how fucking hot and horny they are. The first guy I thought of was Brandon Kent. He’s so damn sexy I can hardly stand it. And the more adventurous he’s becoming the more I want to see him do. And when Sean Everett dove face first into his ass I couldn’t wait to get this video on the site for you guys to see it. These guys are both so verbal I could listen to their dirty talk all day. And Brandon really gives Sean a good ass pounding until he whips it out and shoots all over his face and chest with greedy Sean lapping it up like a hungry puppy. And it gets him so hot that he starts cumming within seconds of Brandon in an incredible double cum shot.

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